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Your New Eyewear

Congratulations on the new arrival! The moment you have been waiting for is finally here, your newborn eyewear has arrived.

You have spent the time finding the perfect frame, we have taken accurate measurements and have chosen the best lenses to suit your lifestyle. You entrusted us to bring your new baby eyewear into the world. Now that we have delivered your newborn eyewear, it is time to discuss what the real world has in store for them.

Proper Cleaning Will Extend The Lifetime Of Your Eyewear

Life brings dirt! It’s unavoidable. There are many factors that can make our lenses dirty like dust, sweat, sticky fingers, hairspray (I know this one first hand–take glasses off before spraying your lovely locks) and the list goes on and on. Properly cleaning your lenses can extend the lifetime of your eyewear. Tee shirts do not suffice as a cleaning cloth nor does any product that comes from a tree. Not even the softest Kleenex you can find.

Here’s How To Clean Your Eyewear

The first step to cleaning your eyewear is giving them a bath (not an actual bath). Always wet the lens before cleaning them. When you wipe a dry lens, the debris can move back and forth causing it to scratch. Always spray the lens with eyewear cleaner or water first. I know you want to use glass cleaner (Windex) or another chemical product, but please refrain from doing so as that can cause damage to the surface of the lens. Wipe the lens from one side to the other using a new part of the cloth with each wipe. Wiping in a circular motion can cause smudges to smear. We will send you home with cleaning spray, and a cleaning cloth.

Bring Your Eyewear In For Regular Checkups

With the changing seasons our eyewear becomes loose, so a regular checkup adjustment can keep your eyewear young and in shape. We will tighten any screws (we all have a screw loose), adjust the temples, and send you off with some new nose pads. Self-adjusting could lead to frame injury and possibly frame death! We do not want that!

Consider Lens Treatments

Preventative steps can be taken to extend the lifetime of your eyewear, let’s call this “a life insurance policy.” Anti-glare/reflective surfacing provides scratch resistance, smudge resistance, repels dust and water, and reduces glare! Crizal no glare lenses come with a two-year scratch warranty, so the choice is clear (literally).

Choose The Right Frame For Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right frame can be crucial to the life expectancy of your eyewear. If you need durability and comfort, quality titanium frames are worth their extra cost. Titanium frames are less than half the weight of other metal frames, they are corrosion resistant, and hypoallergenic. Titanium survives bodily assaults; remember that one time your glasses became a modern art piece after sleeping on them? Titanium requires extreme force to form its shape, so whether you sleep on them or your dog Rusty sits on them, they will withstand.

You are now ready to take care of your newborn eyewear. Never hesitate to come in and see us for adjustments and lens cleaner.

Casey Fay Apprentice Optician